Gelatine is one of the most versatile food substances, is a protein tissue of the animal kingdom. It is the only natural protein of commercial importance which is capable of producing clear, thermo-reversible gels in water at near to body temperatures

The uses of gelatin in foods are very extensive. Gelatin is widely used in food industry as a jellying agent, stabilizer, emulsifier, thickener, foaming agent, glaze, adhesive, binder and fining agent.

Segment Food Functionality
Confectionery Wine gums,pstilles Gelation,chewiness,brilliance,clarity
Marshmallows Whipping agent, gelation,controlling sugar crystallization
Caramels, toffees Emulsifying,chewiness
Licorice Binder
Dairy Products Cheese products(cream,spreads,cottage) Stabilisation (prevents syneresis),smooth texture
Mousses Whipping agent,gelation
Ready-To-Eat Desserts Gelation,elastic texture
Toppings Whipping agent, gelation
Yoghurts,sourcream Gelation (stabilisation(prevents syneresis)),smooth texture
Frozen Dessert Heat-shock stabilisation, gelation (body,texture)
Meat Products Canned Products (ham, tongue, comed beef) Gelation
Emulsified products Emulsifying, gelation
Aspic,jellies for decoration Gelation,excellent adhesion to meator vegetables
usage coatings Gelation,adhesion
Spreads Low fat Margarine( < 60% fat) Stabillsation, texture body

Jelly Strength  (Bloom) Viscosity (Mps)


150 - 220 Low-Medium  Gum, Jelly, Yoghurt
220 - 260 Medium-High  Pie, Chocolate, Marshmallow, Candy
270 - 280 Medium-High  Pie, Jelly, Jellybean